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CEO Interview with Kunal Lohia

2023-08-11 Kunal Lohia

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Kim Tindskard Christensen from Stibo Systems interviews foryouandyourcustomers Melbourne CEO Kunal Lohia about his updates on the business and how he is settling into the role.

I think we've done a really good job as a team this year so I'm really happy with everyone's contribution. We were very conscious about ensuring stability during this period of change and I think our approach of going back to basics and building/simplifying from there has proved to be very successful. I feel we are much more efficient and effective as a business so I hope this will drive greater results in the coming months and years.

Kunal Lohia, CEO Melbourne

If you liked this interview format then look out for a series of short videos over the next months where I will be sharing clips from an informative conversation with Kim about the STEP platform.

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