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Data Excellence for breakfast: The new Dusseldorf cell welcomed customers and experts to an exchange on data governance

2023-06-21 Christian Wymann ・ Alexander Böcker ・ Claudia Müller
Dr. Klingenberg presenting

The cell Dusseldorf invited customers, partners and interested parties to the 74th Business Breakfast on 20 June to exchange ideas on Data Governance based on concrete examples. The location and the premises of foryouandyourcustomers Dusseldorf played their part in ensuring that the participants left the event enriched not only thematically and culinary.

The office is located in the Antoniushaus on the second row of the Rhine, in picturesque Kaiserswerth. The Saint Suitbertus Basilica is only a few metres away. You can use the break to walk along the Rhine promenade. So there is no question that the participants of the business breakfast were surprised and impressed by the location. "There is not only a Mediterranean flair here, but also a wonderful working atmosphere," says Susanne Müller, the cell's CEO.

Pragmatic data governance solutions with revenue impact

On this morning, the clients and partners not only enjoyed the landscape and architecture but devoted themselves to more serious matters. However, the presentations did not revolve around pure theory.

Dr Christiana Klingenberg, Executive Data Management Consultant at IDIGMA GmbH and author, began by demystifying the topic of data governance. Then Dr Roland Kurzhöfer, Senior Consultant at foryouandyourcustomers Dusseldorf, presented methods and options on how companies can concretely integrate data governance into their system landscape. It doesn't have to be the big throw, but companies can approach data excellence pragmatically and in small steps. Finally, Vanessa Klinge, Product Owner eBusiness and PIM at Sartorius, presented how the pharmaceutical and laboratory supplier lives data governance. Even if it is difficult to express the benefit of data governance in numbers, a considerable effect on revenue with better data quality can nevertheless be observed.

"Especially in times when many companies are considering the introduction of AI, good data governance is elementary. Well thought-out data governance will become increasingly important," says Susanne Müller.

The 30 or so participants, including representatives of the partner company Stibo Systems, exchanged ideas until the early afternoon. They are likely to have left the offices more than thematically enriched.

The Dusseldorf cell expands

The Dusseldorf cell has only existed since April 2023, but in the meantime, it has organised its first art vernissage in addition to the business breakfast. The cell started with 15 employees and will soon be expanding. For future collaboration with customers and partners, the cell focuses on data governance, customer MDM and PIM, but remains open to new topics related to corporate and product data.

Person in glasses, standing at the corner of a building with arms folded.

Alexander Böcker

Accompanies the path towards sustainable solutions with the help of interdisciplinary approaches and methods.

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Claudia Müller

Orchestrates the relationships between foryouandyourcustomers' employees and their network and communicates with them in an integrated way.