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Webinar: “One STEP forward for Officeworks - Print, Copy & Create uplift”

2022-05-16 Kunal Lohia ・ Bernhard Mueller

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Get valuable insights about Officeworks’ journey on maturing their Product Information Management, and how it helped them to become more agile. Check out our latest webinar with for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers Melbourne’s CEO Bernhard Mueller and Head of IT Merissa Hargreaves who had a deep conversation about this topic: “One STEP forward for Officeworks – Print, Copy & Create uplift”.

Over the course of 45 minutes, the webinar covers three main topics : 

Decision to create a whole new experience for Officeworks’ Print, Copy & Create Platform. Merissa explains how Officeworks’ Print, Copy & Create offering has been evolving organically over the last years, but came to a point where Officeworks realised that they were not able to provide the service at the the speed and quality of experience that Officeworks and their customers expected. A key gap that needed to be addressed was the ability to dynamically create Print, Copy & Create related products in Officeworks’ Product Information Management platform Stibo STEP.

It was a huge program which came with challenges and learnings for any future projects. Merissa mentioned the great collaboration with their 5 key partners including foryouandyourcustomers and the challenge to keep everyone from separate streams actually informed and aligned on the focus for the day. She also highlighted the need to “plan out costs and features in advance to avoid building up a technical debt, focus and prioritise what really needs to be done first, before starting to build.”

What is next for Officeworks and Stibo STEP: With the support of foryouandyourcustomers and Stibo Systems, Officeworks will continue to enhance their Print Copy & Create platform based on ongoing customers’ feedback.

One focus Merissa also mentioned is to make the online experience easy and accessible for everyone, which should encourage people to go through the website instead of lining up in the physical stores, thus minimising the friction of waiting times.

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Kunal Lohia

Leads the Melbourne business as CEO and delivers successful outcomes for all aspects of digital change projects to get things done.

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Bernhard Mueller

Brought our business to Australia, currently on sabbatical travelling around Australia with my family.

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