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The 59th exhibition at foryouandyourcustomers at the location in Essen

donderdag, 9 februari 2023 ・ 17:00 — donderdag, 29 februari 2024 ・ 17:00 UTC +01:00
foryouandyourcustomers Essen GmbH, Zweigertstraße 50, 45130 Essen, Duitsland
3d Kunst collage in grijs met roze accent

We cordially invite you to the 59th exhibition at foryouandyourcustomers in Essen with works by Armin Hartenstein and Ilka Helmig. In a new crossover, the Berlin artist Armin Hartenstein and Ilka Helmig, who works as an artist in Cologne and Paris, meet. Both work with painting and drawing, but also with sculpture, collage and assemblage, and both have also realised room-filling installations.

In the exhibition, they meet in the play with the three-dimensional, Hartenstein through the question of his own location in front of the work, Helmig through organically growing forms and structures on the threshold of the spatial. Armin Hartenstein has become known above all for his volcanic cauldrons and island forms, the outlines of which he cuts and breaks out of wooden panels and then develops on this picture support using the Tromp l’Oeil technique. Although the image carrier is two-dimensional, a very three-dimensional spatial illusion is created, which only dissolves when viewed from the side. Hartenstein places mountains, craters and geological structures in the picture in a painterly and object-like manner, playing with appearance and reality. While Hartenstein creates fictional abstractions of landscapes, Ilka Helmig abstracts scientific phenomena. For example, she has made works on the theme of random distribution, locating self-similar structures in the most diverse contexts. Helmig plays with our notions of the random and the provisional, yet everything in her work is very clearly and thoughtfully conceived in relation to each other and to the exhibition space. (Text: Torsten Obrist)


The exhibition at foryouandyourcustomers can be visited at the Essen office until the end of February 2024 by calling +49 201 87775300.