We are experts in translating between business and technology. Working with joy. Providing a proven track record of delivered results. Creating impact for you and your customers.

Providing direction

A clear purpose and comprehensive information are crucial ingredients for sound decisions. We use our Exploded View method and other tools to provide a holistic analysis of your current reality and derive recommendations for the next step and the near future. Based on our experience in leading positions, we show how to set focus and prioritise well. Leading by example.

Exploded View / decision-making / prioritisation / maturity assessment / market research / Sweet Spot Consulting

Innovating your business

Innovation is key to mastering change. We can provide inspiring impulses with our broad insight into many industries, different perspectives, and flexible mindset. Combining creativity with a sound understanding of digital business models, we help anticipate the future without neglecting today's reality. Creating momentum that leads to desired motion.

Design Thinking / innovation / creativity / business models / benchmark

Delivering lasting results

Involving and empowering the right people leads to sustainable results. We are used to integrating different viewpoints and translating between various positions to reach a common understanding. With sound skills and reliable methods, we measure, visualise, develop and implement. Based on a people-centric attitude, we deliver desirable results that create sustainable business value.

information modelling / Exploded View

Working. Together.

We are simple to work with. As a fast-moving, flexible organisation, adapting to our clients' needs is part of our DNA. Whether it is for a single project or long-term support, we are committed to standing by your side with passion for what we do and dedication to sharing it with you. Because from our own experience, we know how it feels to be in your shoes.

collaboration / teamwork / partnership / companionship / passion


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This service is made possible by our teams in:

A group of 7 people in a workshop around a table
Three people sitting on comfy chairs in an office environment, surrounded by plants
Two women around at their working place in an office in Essen with bright windows.
Werner Spengler and Andreas Gutheil siting behind their workdesk in their office with light walls with windows.
Bright office hall in Heidelberg old town with wooden floor.
Two colleagues in Melbourne sitting and talking, holding a cup in their hands.
Corridor of the office in Munich, with an arts piece on the left wall and a woman crossing from room to room
Two colleagues discussing work looking at laptop screen.
St. Pölten
Image of Tobias Felbecker and Steve Wilson in Sydney
Modern and cozy Office architecture.
Symmetric courtyard in Vienna
Person presenting


Our experts

A man with short white hair in a light shirt.
Albert Jan Klunder
Brings passionate people together and helps them to fulfil their goals and development.
Andreas leaning on rail
Andreas Meier
Head of Location Uster
Connects people and topics for sustainable added value – as managing director and management consultant.
Profile photo of a man with short white hair and trimmed beard.
André Mahler
Head of Corporate Civilisation
Supports the development of companies and the people involved as a corporate civilisation/excellence and integral management expert.
Anna Stark sitting on stairs in the Frankfurt office, smiling at the camera
Anna Stark
Business Consultant
Accompanies you with change management expertise to enable sustainable change beyond complexity and interconnectedness.
A smiling person with short hair, dressed with a dark coat and a red scarf.
Annegret Bönemann
Creates surprisingly simple solutions while opening spaces for collaboration, candour and creativity.
Standing at the desk
Antonios Vythoulkas
GM Athens, PIM/MDM Consultant
Runs and develops the Athens cell and supports customers in the field of PIM/MDM with data/requirement analysis and STEP consultancy.
Bernard in a suit under an arch of a bridge
Bernhard Mueller
Sabbatical until 2024
Brought our business to Australia, currently on sabbatical travelling around Australia with my family.
Brigitte standing with her arms crossed.
Brigitte Fischer
Business Consultant
Supports our customers in PIM implementations with solutions to their business needs.
Christian in a green pullover, working on a laptop, smiling in the camera
Christian Bühlmann
Information cartographer
Establishes information cartography within companies and supports them in their digital change.
A woman with hair the length of her chin, wearing a blouse.
Cristy Gonzalez Morales
Product Owner & Solutions Architect
Translates business needs into technical solutions that create value and brings people and technology together.
Daniel Darioli sitting at a desk in an office in between his laptop and a screen.
Daniel Darioli
Senior Project Manager
Develops and leads e-commerce concepts with impact in digital business activities.
A man sits on a pier and looks into the distance.
Daniel Stadelmann
Senior Project Manager
Brings relevant people together and provides guidance on the journey of digitalisation.
Denisa with the Guide to the Galaxy
Denisa Kykalová
Senior Business Consultant & Analyst
Analyses your business reality and helps you align your data with it and optimise their benefits.
Elmar E. Grandel is standing in an entrance framed by carved wooden door.
Elmar E. Grandel
Senior Business Consultant
Advises and supports you in the development of your Data Strategy, Data Governance and the topics around Master Data Management and Analytics.
Man in a blue shirt, wearing glasses
Eric Vanderfeesten
CTO Amsterdam
Works together with customers, advising them and helping them realise their digital ambitions
Florian in a dark suit jacket smiles at the camera against a blurred background.
Florian Knaupp
Managing Director Munich
Accompanies his customers into a sustainable, data-driven future in the context of digital transformation, along the digital supply chain.
Profile picture of Hans Albrecht Bartels taken in a forest.
Hans Albrecht Bartels
CRM Consultant
Navigates the dichotomous forces of corporate objectives and marketing concepts to ensure that customers still experience that personal touch.
Jeannine standing with her arms folded, white window in the background.
Jeannine Vythoulkas-Arnold
CEO & Senior Project Manager
Manages the Baar cell and supports customers in PIM/MDM implementations with business consulting and in the context of digital strategy.
At the desk
Jeannnine Vythoulkas
CEO in Baar & Athens
Manages Baar- & Athens and supports customers in PIM/MDM implementations with business consulting in the context of digital strategy.
Jens leaning against a wall
Jens Erler
CEO Heidelberg & Senior Business Consultant
Consults customers on their digitalisation initiatives and master data strategy and develops the cell Heidelberg.
Jens Plattfaut on a stone bridge with dark green trees in the background.
Jens Plattfaut
Managing Director Munich
Consults customers on digital change and develops the cell in Munich.
Jonathan Möller in a gray suit, smiling in front of a gray wall
Jonathan Möller
Founder & President
Assists leaders in the further development of their businesses.
Judith standing with a smile on her face on a stair
Judith Fingerle
Head of Customer Excellence
Establishes user-centric thinking and action holistically and shows how Customer Centricity can be lived.
Kevin in a suit, leaning against a door and smiling
Kevin Kramp
Senior Business Consultant
Supports clients in the development and implementation of their master data strategy.
Kevin with short brown hair, in a blue suit in front of blurred houses.
Kevin Krifter
Senior Consultant and CEO Zurich
Enables our customers with practical problem solving along the Exploded View and leads the Zurich cell.
Profile Picture of Kunal Lohia
Kunal Lohia
CEO | Senior Project Manager
Leads the Melbourne business as CEO and delivers successful outcomes for all aspects of digital change projects to get things done.
Lukas in a park
Lukas Jöhri
Consultant & Project Manager
Puts your ideas into action by creating clear structures, considering stakeholders and empathising with people.
Marcel and his old Volvo
Marcel Rossi
Experienced advisor and doer
Accompanies you in improving your business processes and develops surprisingly simple IT solutions for you and your customers.
Martin standing by a concrete pillar
Martin Brandt
Senior Business Consultant
Develops the Heidelberg cell and supports leading enterprises on their master data strategy along the Digital Information Supply Chain.
Matthias throws his arms in the air.
Matthias Müller
Senior Business Consultant
Advises and accompanies you as a technology and strategy consultant from initial idea to holistic implementation of the digital transformation.
Mick in suit sitting on a leather chair
Mick Gouldson
Senior MDM Business Consultant
Works with customers on their MDM needs to find the appropriate solution that realises the best return on their investment.
Patrick leaning against a tree, wearing a blue shirt and cap, smiling
Patrick Schneider
Senior Expert Customer Centricity
Puts the users always at the centre of his conceptual work, uncovers their pain points and develops possible solutions.
Profile of Ramun
Ramun Knapp
Senior Consultant
Accompanies clients in analysing and improving their customer and employee experience.
Randeep Gandhi in a suit in front of a glass structured building.
Randeep Gandhi
Senior MDM Solution Architect
Looks after your technology related requirements to realise your digital future.
Man in shirt leaning on a railing
Sebastian Horat
Senior Consultant
Guides through the jungle of digital possibilities on the way to an excellent customer experience.
Valerie is standing in a library, full of books in wooden shelves n a balcony.
Valerie Blanco
Multichannel Business Consultant
Helps clients turn requirements into reality through IT-business alignment and concrete plans serving the end customers.
Werner Spengler standing in the hallway with arms crossed and a white shirt
Werner Spengler
CEO Frankfurt
Accompanies companies on their way to multichannel and digital transformation with passion and pleasure.