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Digital Solutions

We design and develop innovative IT applications and services to enhance your technological capabilities – with an agile mindset.

Agile Software Delivery

We offer agile software delivery services to help your company develop high-quality software products faster and more efficiently. Our experienced team of agile experts works closely with you to understand your requirements and create a flexible, iterative development plan that adapts to changing needs and feedback. Our focus on collaboration, communication, and transparency ensures that you receive high-quality software that closely aligns with your expectations while minimising risks and costs. With our agile software delivery services, your company can accelerate its digital change and stay ahead of the competition.

Java / Vue.js / React / Spring / JavaScript / TypeScript / Scrum / Kanban / agile

Cloud Infrastructure

Our cloud infrastructure services help your company to optimise its IT infrastructure and to migrate it to the cloud. Working closely with you to understand your requirements, our team of experts develops a customised cloud infrastructure plan that aligns with your organisational objectives. We provide end-to-end support for cloud infrastructure design, implementation, and management, including cloud platform selection, migration planning, automation, security, and compliance. Our focus on scalability, performance, and cost optimisation ensures that your company receives a cloud infrastructure that is reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. With our services, your company improves operational agility, reduces IT costs, and enhances technological capabilities.

Azure / GitOps / continuous delivery / AWS / Terraform / Cloud Center of Excellence

IT Architecture

With our end-to-end support service in IT architecture, we help your company to design and implement efficient and effective technology infrastructures that align with your business goals. We offer IT infrastructure design, implementation, and management, taking care of network and storage design, software and application selection, security and compliance, automation, and monitoring. We ensure that you receive an IT infrastructure that meets your needs while reducing risks, costs and downtime and improving operational efficiency.

IT roadmaps / capability maps / application architecture / system architecture / product selection

Software Quality Assurance

We offer software quality assurance services to help your company ensure that its software products meet the highest quality standards. Our team of experts works closely you to define quality requirements and develop a comprehensive quality assurance strategy that aligns with their business goals. Our end-to-end support for quality assurance includes test planning, test case development, test execution, defect management, and test reporting. We focus on test automation, performance testing, and security testing to ensure that your company receives a reliable, scalable, and secure software product. With our services, you can improve customer satisfaction, reduce post-release defects, and enhance overall software quality.

agile acceptance testing / test planning / performance testing / test automation / test execution

Enterprise Integration Services

We help your company integrate its various systems, applications, and data sources to achieve seamless information flow across the organisation. Our team of experts analyses your unique integration needs and develops a comprehensive integration strategy. With our enterprise integration services, we offer you end-to-end support for integration design, development, and management. It includes technology selection, data mapping, API development, testing, and maintenance. Focusing on scalability, security, and compliance, we ensure that you receive a reliable, efficient, and secure integration solution. Our enterprise integration services allow your company to improve operational efficiency, reduce manual efforts, and enhance technological capabilities.

Azure Integration Services / Mulesoft / Talend


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This service is made possible by our teams in:

A group of 7 people in a workshop around a table
Werner Spengler and Andreas Gutheil siting behind their workdesk in their office with light walls with windows.
Two colleagues in Melbourne sitting and talking, holding a cup in their hands.
Corridor of the office in Munich, with an arts piece on the left wall and a woman crossing from room to room
People in conference room.
Two colleagues discussing work looking at laptop screen.
St. Pölten
Modern and cozy Office architecture.
Symmetric courtyard in Vienna


Our experts

A young woman standing in a modern looking office.
Adriana Alexandrova
Front End Developer
Develops custom front-end solutions for the web.
Albena Mancheva sitting in a cushioned chair with open laptop smiling..
Albena Mancheva
Leads the cell at Sofia and supports our customers with expertise in software engineering and scrum methodology.
A man with short white hair in a light shirt.
Albert Jan Klunder
Brings passionate people together and helps them to fulfil their goals and development.
Profile photo of Andreas Damberger in a suit with white shirt with dark blue, blurred art in the background.
Andreas Damberger
CEO St Pölten & Vienna
Manages the St. Pölten cell and supports clients on strategy in the areas of e-commerce and PIM.
Andreas in a white shirt, leaning against a wall, smiling
Andreas Gutheil
CEO & Senior Solution Architect
Manages Frankfurt as Co-CEO, oversees the project execution and delivers IT solutions as an experienced architect for customer projects.
Andreas leaning against the side of a barn.
Andreas Manios
Senior Software Engineer
Develops software, following his mantra of agile processes, teamwork and being technologically up to date.
Arne Kupfer in a blue polo shirt, outside on a staircase of an office building.
Arne Kupfer
Solution Consultant PIM/MDM
Supports customers in designing forward-looking PIM/MDM solutions and integrating them.
Profile picture of Astrid
Astrid Strobl
Software Developer
Develops in the back-end of web applications and maps customers' business logic with customized data models and processes.
Beate in a winter coat, with a red scarf, in a winter landscape
Beate Biller
Senior QA Manager
Commits to quality in software development, plans appropriate test procedures and implements manual and automated software tests.
Bernard in a suit under an arch of a bridge
Bernhard Mueller
Sabbatical until 2024
Brought our business to Australia, currently on sabbatical travelling around Australia with my family.
Bernhard sitting in the bus
Bernhard Posselt
Senior SAP Commerce Cloud Developer
Builds full stack solutions and web services for e-commerce systems.
Portrait of Bettina in front of art
Bettina Bitschnau
Senior User Experience Designer
Visualises consistent user experiences and creates structurally versatile design systems.
Profile of Bjorna
Bjorna Kalaja
Software Developer
Contributes to the development of sustainable back-end applications in support of clients' business needs.
Young woman reading in an office.
Boryana Dinkova
Front End Developer
Takes part in creating beautiful and performant products with delightful user experiences.
Carl Simbruner in a blue shirt and formal trousers is standing in a park with a white stone gazebo behind him.
Carl Simbruner
IT Business Consultant
Consults along the digital information supply chain and consequently is a true bridge builder between the digital and business worlds.
Carlos outside
Carlos R. Iturria
Principal Director & Practice Lead
Experienced Tech Leader who bridges the gap between technology and business, specialising in Integration, API management, and Security practices.
Person in suit smiling
Chandra Tungathurthi
Senior Software Engineer
Helps clients deliver success by bridging the IT delivery gap using HyperAutomation and enabling companies to high productivity.
Christian Biller on a bridge in nature, looking into the camera.
Christian Biller
Senior QA Manager
Supports the developers team to deliver high-quality software which you require for your business
Person in yellow hoodie looking at camera
Christoph Rippel
Software Developer
Takes care of data transformation in the Azure Cloud including managing infrastructure and development operations (DevOps).
Christoph smiles into the camera in a blue T-shirt.
Christoph Schmidradler
Software Developer
Develops well thought-out software solutions, adapted to the needs of our customers.
A woman with hair the length of her chin, wearing a blouse.
Cristy Gonzalez Morales
Product Owner & Solutions Architect
Translates business needs into technical solutions that create value and brings people and technology together.
Daniel Kimmich, dressed in a pink shirt is standing with hands in his pockets, looking outside from a modern office.
Daniel Kimmich
Application Consultant
Provides STEP support to customers and implements new requirements as a developer.
A man sits on a pier and looks into the distance.
Daniel Stadelmann
Senior Project Manager
Brings relevant people together and provides guidance on the journey of digitalisation.
David standing by the lake
David Shulman
Senior Solutions Architect
Designs and builds technical solutions for demanding business tasks using the latest technologies.
Dennis van der Wals is standing on a river bank, leaning against a stone bridge pillar with his hands in the pockets.
Dennis van der Wals
Senior Data Engineer
Develops technical solutions to business problems.
Diego Martínez - Software Developer
Diego Martínez
Software Developer
Helps customers building the best front-end solution that end users can easily interact with.
Person in flannel with hands in pocket
Dietmar Pangerl
Senior SAP Commerce Cloud Developer
Develops sustainable software solutions in close coordination with his customers.
Profile picture of Edwin against blurred background.
Edwin Spaan
Team Lead Software Development
Translates business requirements into technical solutions that will last since they are based on sturdy data and information models.
Elmar E. Grandel is standing in an entrance framed by carved wooden door.
Elmar E. Grandel
Senior Business Consultant
Advises and supports you in the development of your Data Strategy, Data Governance and the topics around Master Data Management and Analytics.
Man in a blue shirt, wearing glasses
Eric Vanderfeesten
CTO Amsterdam
Works together with customers, advising them and helping them realise their digital ambitions
Person in suit looking at camera.
Federico José Sörenson Sánchez
Software Engineer
Builds technical solutions – easy, agile and high quality.
Man with dark hair, in white shirt on a balcony with a view over a city.
Felipe Cruz
Software Developer
Builds user interfaces and web applications, ensuring business goals are met while respecting all users' well-being.
Femila Jesline sitting on a wooden bench
Femila Jesline
MDM Application Consultant
Implements PIM/MDM solutions according to business requirements using STEP.
Florian in a dark suit jacket smiles at the camera against a blurred background.
Florian Knaupp
Managing Director Munich
Accompanies his customers into a sustainable, data-driven future in the context of digital transformation, along the digital supply chain.
Franz standing with his arms folded at the top of a staircase.
Franz Klopf
Middleware Engineer
Implements infrastructure, solves its problems and keeps it running.
Person holding a basketball
Georg Schinnerl
SAP Commerce Cloud Developer
Develops the back-end of applications for our clients' digital sales platforms.
George with hands in pocket and leaning against a statue
George Sabau
Senior SAP Commerce Cloud Developer
Develops B2B/B2C applications and supports both clients and developers in the design and implementation of software solutions.
Ildar Allayarov Profilbild vor Wasserfall
Ildar Allayarov
Senior Data Engineer
Empowers companies to leverage the data they possess by extracting valuable insights, thereby unlocking fresh opportunities for their businesses.
Profile of Ivan
Ivan Chavdarov
Software Engineer
Develops back-end solutions for e-commerce.
Jens Plattfaut on a stone bridge with dark green trees in the background.
Jens Plattfaut
Managing Director Munich
Consults customers on digital change and develops the cell in Munich.
Person holding a cup of coffee
Julian Haderer
Software Developer
Designs customized and sophisticated software solutions for you and your customers.
Katharina in front of Lake Constance
Katharina Blum
UX Designer
Creates user-centered digital design solutions and systems to match the brand identity.
Profile Picture of Kunal Lohia
Kunal Lohia
CEO | Senior Project Manager
Leads the Melbourne business as CEO and delivers successful outcomes for all aspects of digital change projects to get things done.
Lisandra walking her bike among trees
Lisandra Peña Chaviano
Software Developer
Develops seamless, interactive front-end interfaces for web apps, delivering a high-performance user experience that meets customer needs.
Person, sitting on a bench int he middle of nature browsing their laptop
Lukas Dünser
Senior Web Developer
My name is Lukas Dünser and I’m a Senior Web Developer. I develop and implement multichannel projects for for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers in Vienna.
Lukas in a park
Lukas Jöhri
Consultant & Project Manager
Puts your ideas into action by creating clear structures, considering stakeholders and empathising with people.
Marino standing with their arms folded.
Marino Matijević
Software Developer
Develops e-commerce solutions that are tailor-made and well thought-out.
Person in suit at the end of a big staircase
Marta Simeonova
Senior Web Developer
Develops with passion Frontend solutions, at the intersection between code and UX.
Mick in suit sitting on a leather chair
Mick Gouldson
Senior MDM Business Consultant
Works with customers on their MDM needs to find the appropriate solution that realises the best return on their investment.
Young man standing near a column.
Mihail Mihaylov
Senior Backend Developer
Develops back-end solutions and supports customers in their digital change.
Young man in business surroundings standing by the window.
Nikolay Antchev
Senior Software Engineer
Develops custom web solutions in collaboration with our customers and implements them on the front-end of web applications.
Nikolay sitting on a couch, holding a mug
Nikolay Astahov
Backend Developer
Develops, maintains and scales high-performance and secure back-end systems.
Young man in a checkered shirt standing in front of a graffiti sprayed wall.
Nikolay Petrov
Senior Data Engineer
Supports customers in building data-driven solutions using on-premise and cloud-based data platforms.
Lady sitting in front of a big art
Nishigandha Laghate
Solution Architect
helps customers in the design and development of end-to-end solutions based on enterprise integration technologies.
Profile photo of Pascal Bayard standing, looking into the camera.
Pascal Bayard
Senior Solution Architect MDM
Leads and helps in the implementation of MDM applications, while enjoying making the impossible a reality.
Pavel sitting on stone stairs.
Pavel Ushanli
Backend Developer
Designs and implements scalable back-end solutions and optimises data processing for customer satisfaction.
Philip leaning on a concrete lodge
Philip Dimitrov
Team Lead
Designs and builds the back-end solutions.
Philipp in a white shirt, smiling
Philipp Paland
Senior Software Developer
Designs and builds complete e-commerce solutions and connects people.
Rainer Fauth in a black t-shirt, standing with arms crossed on a street in Germany.
Rainer Fauth
Application Consultant
Implements PIM/MDM projects and is a print expert.
Randeep Gandhi in a suit in front of a glass structured building.
Randeep Gandhi
Senior MDM Solution Architect
Looks after your technology related requirements to realise your digital future.
Profile photo of René Hungerbühler.
René Hungerbühler
DevOps Engineer
Designs, builds and maintains secure, highly available and scalable cloud infrastructures for cloud-based applications and services.
Roland lehnt in der Eingangstür im Office Düsseldorf
Roland Kurzhöfer
Senior Business Consultant
Develops solutions for MDM challenges with heart and a lot of expertise.
Person smiling at camera while walking down the stairs.
Sabine Mayer
Software Developer
Develops front-end and back-end applications, adapted to fit the customer's needs.
Man with arms folded
Sergio Arenas Moreno
Software Engineer
Helps customers turn whatever ideas they have into technical solutions.
Profile photo of Stefan Kotulla looking directly into the camera in a dark blue shirt and open suit jacket.
Stefan Kotulla
Solution Architect
Supports his customers in designing forward-looking PIM/MDM solutions.
A man without hair in a dark suit in front of a wooden wall.
Stefan vom Bruch
Senior MDM Application Consultant
Advances customers' capabilities in the areas of PIM/MDM and business intelligence.
Person sitting on concrete lodge
Stoyan Halev
Backend Developer
Manages complex software projects from inception to completion, ensuring timely delivery and meeting all client requirements.
Thomas holding a baseball bat
Thomas Fichtenbauer
Senior Software Developer
Builds cloud-based e-commerce applications and back-end solutions for individual customer needs.
Thomas Wittig unter der Holzbrücke
Thomas Wittig
Senior SAP Commerce Cloud Developer
Develops SAP Commerce Cloud solutions.
Profile photo of Tissa, smiling
Tissa David
MDM Application Consultant
Helps customers to achieve their PIM solutions using STEP by consulting, designing, implementing and maintaining the MDM software.
Tobias Bartsch is standing in marine blue suit with black sweater next to stone pillars.
Tobias Bartsch
Senior Engineer Cloud & Big Data
Develops customised data and cloud solutions from idea to production.
Tobias Joos standing behind a railing of a stone staircase, formally dressed.
Tobias Joos
Solution Architect MDM & PIM
Supports and guides customers in the implementation of PIM/MDM systems and the development of associated processes.
Torsten in a white shirt and jeans, leaning at a wall in a corridor
Torsten Gerbig
Senior Software Architect
Supports the transfer of business processes into a new digital environment in commerce and integration projects.
Tushig Tumenjargal is standing in an office hallway, arms crossed, looking into the camera.
Tushig Tumenjargal
Software Architect
Develops cloud-based IT architectures as a basis for individual solutions for our customers.
Venko sitting by a tree
Venko Slavchev
Front End Developer
Helps customers in the process of designing and developing reliable solutions.
Werner Spengler standing in the hallway with arms crossed and a white shirt
Werner Spengler
CEO Frankfurt
Accompanies companies on their way to multichannel and digital transformation with passion and pleasure.
Yi-Chen Liu is walking through a park during summer.
Yi-Chen Liu
Data Engineer
Supports customers in the development of data-driven solutions and ensures data quality.
Profile photo of Zoia Bylinovich in bright red coat.
Zoia Bylinovich
IT Business Consultant
Supports her clients in the PIM/MDM area as an application consultant and project manager.